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Most significant essay writing skills you should be aware of

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Most significant essay writing skills you should be aware of Empty Most significant essay writing skills you should be aware of

Post by Admin Wed Jul 20, 2022 2:54 pm

Essay writing is an essential part of the universe of academic writing. In these competitive times, students of all fields must know the basics of essay writing. Essays are quite different from the usual blogs and articles that essay writer online sees on the web. It has a certain format, structure, purpose, and tone.

Sometimes it is difficult for students to grasp the essentials of essay writing. You can always consult a reliable paper writing service in this regard. Many online services are offering the help regarding academic writing. In this write-up, we are going to look at a step-by-step guide. This guide would help students acquaint themselves with the most significant essay writing skills.

The Reading Habit

There are numerous essay topics out there. It is recommended that students engage in reading habits regularly. The reading of different books and newspapers builds your knowledge and argumentative abilities. An online essay writer having little knowledge faces enormous difficulties while attempting an essay.

Knowing your area of expertise

It is quite obvious that no one can know everything about everything. There are always one or two areas that you have the most knowledge about. So, you should build your expertise in those areas. If you are unsure about your area of interest then you would end up having a tough time. Whether it is economics, political science, sociology, or any other field, you need to be confident about one or two fields.


After you have chosen one or two topics, start brainstorming over them. You should choose a topic in which you have in-depth knowledge and technical know-how. Without effective brainstorming, you cannot come up with suitable arguments or ideas for your essay. While you are brainstorming, you should remove other thoughts and concentrate on the topic deeply. Pick a piece of paper and write every relevant aspect that comes to your mind.


This is where your ideas get organized. After the brainstorming, pick all those ideas or points that are relevant to your topic. Many students rule out the significance of an outline in essay writing. The outline is highly necessary to keep track of your thoughts. Most of the instructors make it compulsory to write a proper outline.


The introduction is where your essay should be at best. You should be able to engage the reader right in the first hook sentence. Further, the introduction should contain a brief background of the topic, along with a research problem. Generally, the last part of the introduction is signified by a thesis statement. We will talk about the thesis statement in the next section.

Thesis Statement

The thesis statement could be considered as the gist of the entire discourse. For instance, in an argumentative essay thesis statement consists of a claim and rationale. Since you cannot take a stance in an analytical essay, the thesis statement should contain all the essential points or fragments. It should not be too large and too small. It should be crafted in such a way that the reader can have a grasp of the essential idea of the essay.

Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs are a sum of all the arguments that your essay contains. It is ideally desirable that one paragraph should encompass only one central idea. Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence. The topic sentence is followed by a premise. However, you can sometimes integrate the premise into the topic sentence. It is then followed by evidence. The evidence should be relevant and conclusive.

The evidence may consist of facts, figures, statistics, or examples. It is highly recommended that you have a fairly good idea about different citation styles. The pieces of evidence should be cited properly. The evidence is followed by a general explanation that connects it back to the premise. A strong paragraph has at least 2 premises. The last line of the paragraph links the whole discussion to the topic sentence.

All the paragraphs should be structured in this fashion. The structure of paragraphs can sometimes be confusing. You would be well-advised to reach out to a professional essay writer for help with a write my essay service. It is always a good idea to seek assistance from an expert.

The Citations

The significance of citations is quite high these days. It is due to the greater scrutiny and objectivity involved in academic writing. Therefore, you should exercise extra care and caution while using citation styles. Some of the prominent citation styles are APA, MLA, AMA, Chicago, and Harvard. You can find tutorials and guidelines about citation formats on various online platforms.


The conclusion of the essay restates and reiterates the thesis statement. You should be careful in your choice of words. Repetitive words leave a bad impression on the reader. When I was asked to write my essay online, I focused on the diversity of my vocabulary. In addition, you are supposed to summarize all the main arguments crisply.

Some Common Mistakes in Essay Writing

Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid while writing an essay

1) Taking a wrong stance and being unable to defend it.

2) Omission of evidence or absence of explanation of the evidence

3) Mixing up different formatting styles

4) Adding irrelevant details in the conclusion

5) Not following the chronological order of the points as mentioned in the thesis statement

6) Using informal and non-academic language

7) Committing logical fallacies in the evidence and explanation part

Cool Not paying attention to the rubric

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